The Grand-Mère Karting track has decided to allow young people from Quebec to experience kart racing. How? ‘Or’ What ? by creating the first summer camp devoted solely to karting.  Young people aged 10 to 15 will be welcomed for a period of 6 days in full accommodation.

The week will unfold to the rhythm of the engines. Future drivers will learn all the basics of racing, starting from the mechanics, through the adjustment of their chassis and of course driving.

The lessons will be given by experienced karting drivers, who have been Quebec and Canadian champions, one even participated in the Rotax World Championship. They are still active pilots within Stars of Karting in the United States.

On the last day, participants will compete in a race in front of their parents. They will be able to say, when they get home, that they have had a real racing week.

The PROKART camp will take place directly at Karting Grand-Mère. The participants will have, during the week, learned to dismantle an engine and to restart it. They will have to learn how a kart works and what are the effects of changes made on it. How to mount and remove the tires on the rims. And of course, how to get on the track as fast as possible with the safest ride.

They will have to go through the practices and the qualifications, this in front of their parents, they will then compete in a race, to determine the winner of the week.

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